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IGN: ItsSeppy
By ItsSeppy » 3 months ago

Everything has been reset!

To those who bought crates/ranks:
You will keep your donator rank, and you will recieve new crates
Get in contact with me through the server or the discord and we'll sort it out.

All changes listed here:

  • Removed Towny!
  • Added Gold-Shovel claim!
  • New world/nether/end.
  • Spawn got a few improvements.
  • Few GUI menu's clean-ups.
  • Reward-Fairy: Renamed to Reward-Golem and a few balance changes.
  • New discord (/Discord to join)
  • Added /verify command for the Discord
  • Improved performance by 35%!
  • Improved tutorial area!
  • Few balance changes to the crates!
  • Updated the rules (